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The place we never want to leave. (Photography by Magdalena Wosinska)

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Incredible story of helicopter pilot saving 12 firefighters who had deployed their fire shelters while fighting the King fire here in California. I am thankful that they were saved and that the fire is at 89% containment. I know those woods and have used Fresh Pond as a meeting place for years. Had those firefighters been lost, I do not know if I’d ever be able to enjoy those woods again without carrying the sadness of what they’d sacrificed. Thankful. Godspeed, hotshots and special thanks to those who support them from the air and on land.

Read the article here: Helicopter pilot saves firefighters in the King fire, El Dorado, CA


US Naval crewmen watch a Dauntless land on the USS Hornet during the Battle of Midway, 4 June 1942.

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