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As of today, this photo of my youngers (on Sullivan Walsh’s first day home as a wee kitten) has raised $1,000 dollars for Front Street Animal shelter in Sacramento, CA. If my photo wins, I’m donating the prize money ($500 overall and/or $200 category “best friends”) back to the shelter. If you’d like to vote for us, click their picture and you’ll be taken to the voting page.

Voting ends July 31st and every vote is a dollar. Ballot box ‘stuffing’ is encouraged. Your voting dollars save lives!

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Siddhartha, my oldest lab, pictured below the youngers, is why I’m raising money.

I rescued him 12 years from this shelter back when it had a kill rate over 70%. It was a fluke that he wasn’t put down upon intake as he was injured and sick. Short story, Siddhartha’s presence and love kept me going through two very painful periods in my life. If he were a human male, I would have married him a decade ago.

These days the shelter’s adoption rate averages 75% thanks to an amazing shelter manager, dedicated volunteers, outreach to rescue organizations, and community support.

If you’ve voted, I thank you. Feel free to vote for another’s photos - all money goes to Front Street to save lives - because every life is worth saving!

The beagle wearing sunglasses is my buddy Miles and he could use a few votes. Another friend’s photo of Lulu, is currently in 1st place in the category of “working dogs.” If Lulu wins, she’s donating the prize money back to the shelter! Go Miles and Lulu!!

I’m not affiliated with the City of Sacramento’s Front Street Shelter in any way - just looking to do my part to raise money for this amazing shelter.


Firefighters, right now, are protecting Leavenworth, WA. They are posted every 100 yards looking for hot spots that jump the river.

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"Together we make a family" Aww - won’t you consider voting for this adorable pair in Front Street’s Fun Photo contest fundraiser? Your voting dollars save animals - because all are worth saving.

Friends and our dogs spent the weekend at Dillon’s Beach. For folks not familiar with northern CA beaches, it’s windy, often fogged-in, and the water is down right nippy. We tuckered out the pups with lots of water time and my youngest was bushed by the end of the trip. My oldest lab (red hardness) is too dignified for such antics. He patiently waited for us to give up on the cold and return to the warm beach house.

Wild Flour Bread’s gardens. Freestone, CA


airstream assembly, ca. 1950